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We have a dedicated team with a combined experience of nearly two centuries. We are always looking to improve our staffs skills and qualifications as a standard company mission statement. Please see below for our current staff base and a little bit about them. 

Dave Clarke
 Managing Director
 Aka "The Mushroom"
Anne Clarke
 Company Director
 Aka "The Boss"

Dave founded the company in 1982 with wife Anne by his side. He deals with the overall running of the business on a daily basis. Goes out to meet clients who would like work carried out. Still a GAS SAFE Qualified engineer, Dave likes to keep up to date with the latest regulations. 

Dale Clarke
 Company Director
 Plumbing & Heating Engineer
 Power Flushing
 IPAF Driver
 Aka "Lenny" 
Vickie Clarke

 Office Front Of House

 Aka "    "


Dale started with the company from the day he was born, as a small child growing up he used to spend his holidays working with his father which he thorouhly enjoyed. He left school and joined the company full time before going to college after a year. During his time at college he represented them at the National Construction Skills competition in which he won the regional heats and came runner up in the finals where he narrowly missed a win. Having completed his apprenticeship, gaining OFTEC & HETAS qualifications amongst others Dale gave up the tools to help his father with the running of the business. With under floor heating, renewables and now with the MCS & RHI under his belt Dale looks to the future with promise.

Formerly a journalist and broadcaster Vickie started the company nearly 8 years ago. With a degree under her belt and years of interviewing and broadcasting to her name she joined the company to assist the running of the office. You will find her front of house dealing with the clients as they walk through the door. A truly valued member of the office staff. She also keeps her husband Dale in check when he messes up.

Julie Summers

 Office Back Of House

 Aka "Miss Marple"

Aside from Dave & Anne, Julie is the longest serving member of staff. Nearly 30 years of service, she can be found most days typing up quotes and invoices. Every quote is written from scratch dictated by Dave. All the customers love Julie as well as all the staff. Never has a bad word to say about anyone and in the entire duration of her employment has never had a day off ill. She loves TV Drama and enjoys jigsaw puzzles.

Ann Moore
 Office Back Of House
 Aka "Little Ann"

Ann can be found at the heart of the administration & accounts side of the company. As Dave's PA & right hand lady she takes no prisoners. She has a kind heart and is respected by everyone. 

James Toulouse
 Plumbing & Heating Engineer
 Under Floor Heating
 Power Flushing
 Aka "Jimbob"

James was Dales first apprentice and worked alongside him learning the job. Whilst at college he won the award for his hard work during his course duration. Since completing his apprenticeship James has progressed onto becoming a gas and oil engineer. He has also been trained in the power flushing methods used by our company. He pilots the Jaguar estate which was presented to him as a work vehicle for all his hard work and efforts.

John Freeman
 Office Front Of House
 Drain Camera Operator
 First Aid
 IPAF Driver
 Aka "Air Con John" 

Mystery man John has been with the company nearly 9 years. With an IT background and a feature on Robot Wars under his belt his role within the company as technical manager was indeed befitting. Mainly office based until recent months you will find John travelling up and down the country sorting out air conditioning problems amongst other valued work. He currently enjoys trail running and will be completing an ultra marathon later this year. 

Paul Brooks
 Gas Engineer
 Power Flushing
 Aka "Brooksy"

Paul is the newest gas engineer. He took the plunge and retrained as a fully fledged Gas Safe engineer. Already settled into the company he is a respected member of the team. His hobbies are real ales, fine wines and train spotting.

Paul Stevens
 Plumbing & Heating Engineer
 Power Flushing
 Aka "Cardboard Paul" 

Paul is a man of few words, but don't let that fool you. Get him talking about Rugby and there is no stopping him. Primarily involved in new heating system and upgrades he has a wealth of experience and he is the go to guy if a job needs doing. He drives the largest vehicle in the fleet so you can't miss him.

Bradley Ashford-King

  Apprentice Plumber

  Power Flushing

  Altro Floor Fitter  


  Aka "Bash"


Bradley has just completed his 3rd year with the company. Having applied for a position previously at our company he was advised to get some experience and come back to see us. Undeterred he has recently finished his level 2 at college. A visit to us and an interview has resulted in him securing a position within our company. His goal is to become a gas engineer but watch this space as he has yet to get involved in the renewables side of things that we do on a daily basis. His pride and joy is his bright pink ford Ka that he calls lulu.

Joanna Hollingworth

  Apprentice Plumber



  Aka "Rey"


Joanna joined the company around Easter 2018. Having completed various courses within the construction industry she made the decision to go into plumbing and to do it properly. She set about and enrolled on a plumbing level 2 diploma course which she has recently completed and we have got a plan in place to convert this into a full NVQ Standard. She is a motivated and driven individual who strives to achieve the highest standard of work. In between work and playing for her local football team she spends many hours dressed as Rey from star wars pretending to fight the empire

Will Simpson

  Apprentice Plumber




  Aka "Bart"


Will is our latest plumbing apprentice to join our outfit. He is currently studying at Leicester College on a NVQ Level 3 course which will be the base for adding to in the future whether it be gas or oil for example. A keen rugby enthusiast, he plays for his local team and having spoken to a few players its safe to say he is the best water boy that the team has ever had. He is a polite and well mannered individual who is settling in well.

Charlie Whittaker

  Apprentice Plumber

  Bathroom Fitter


  Power Flushing

  Aka "Charlie Two Pencils"


Charlie joined the firm around the same time as Bradley and has currently acquired his NVQ level 2 in plumbing. He has recently completed the HETAS dry stove installer course which will then enable him to achieve the full H005DE biomass qualification. A much loved part of the team. He loves singing and his co workers enjoy his rendition of never gonna give you up by Rick Astley.

Tony Cuppelditch





  Aka "Cuppy"


Tony is part of the home extensions team. A good all rounder he is at the heart of all the building work. With decades of experience under his belt, there is not much that he cannot do. He is a country man at heart with his first love taking his beloved chihuahuas miss betsy and boo boo on long walks in the country with a picnic full of cakes and pimms

Andy Benford





  Aka "Benders"


Andy is part of the home extensions team. Anything relating to wood he can work with. From basic skirting and door fitting to custom kitchens, stairs and orangery fabrication to name a few. He is definitely a tool snob. Anything other than Festool will not do. He can be seen in his spare time at the sun bed shop topping his all year round tan.

Paul Hughes





  Aka "Hughsey"

Steve Marston


  18th Edition



  Aka "Mo"


Paul joined us at the end of Spring 2019, Having been a familiar face to the Clarke family for many years. He has been an electrician since leaving school and has covered nearly all aspects of the job from domestic installation and testing to shop fitting to installing switchgear and fault find/repair work on industrial driers

Steve joined the electrical company in spring 2019. Having decided to take a different path in his career a few years ago Steve retrained and is up to speed on the latest 18th Edition amendments. A very hands on approach and open mind has allowed him to tackle all issues he has been faced with successfully. He has to be up especially early to do his hair for the day as anything other than 100% will not do. His main hobbies are fine wine and 18th century art.

Shane Parkinson





  Aka "TBD"

Tyrone White

  Trainee Gas Engineer




  Aka "ooh"


Tyrone is currently working alongside the gas engineers. He is part way through his training at college. Rather than going through the traditional apprenticeship route he starting off with the gas that will enable him to be accomplished in this area of the industry. He moved to the UK from South Africa a few years ago with ambitions to become a pilot in the RAF. He wised up and decided that becoming a gas engineer was the way forward. His hobbies are going the gym and singing in pubs and clubs as an Elvis impersonator.

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